Optimize individual measure for audience targeted push notification on browsers


No Registration Fee

Monthly Subscription for 10,000 Baht (0.2 Baht/push)

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Messages that are sent directly to the user’s screen.

You can freely send these messages at any time of the day, whether on desktops or smartphones.

Send notifications automatically as scheduled

You can schedule in advance the date and time when the notification will be sent automatically. For example, you can schedule a notification for any users who haven’t visited your site for 14 days

Send notifications immediately and individually

You can send varieties of notifications, such as promotional messages or updates for the latest sale. You can also limit the recipients to those who have visited a certain page. Different messages will be sent to recipients of different behaviors.

Send series of notifications

To maximize the efficiency of your notifications, they can be sent in order, regarding user needs. The information sending to your customers should suites their interest to increase your business opportunity. For example, a message can be scheduled to be sent 5 days after your user
Have read the previous message.

Promotional messages are sent to subscribers

Only registered users giving permission get news notifications. This is to ensure that your notification reaches its target audience.

Boost your business profit while increasing sales efficiency. Reduce advertising expense by half of that spent on other tools.

With CPC being all the rage these days, highly effective Push Notification on Browsers are on demand.

Push Notification on BrowsersEstimated Price
MarketingEstimated PriceEstimated Price
Subscription15 〜 20%No need
Click counts15 〜 20%0.05 〜 0.15%
Cost-per-Click.75 (0.2 Baht/push)10-50 Baht *Negotiable

Listing can be configured from Screen Settings

A Setting screen you can control yourself, whether to track deliveries, clicks, conversions and more.

Easily install, no experts needed

1.Boost efficiency. HTML tagging on DASHBOARD

2.Insert texts. Set preferences and design.

3.Press START to subscribe