Use Cases

Example of using f-tra CTA

Tailor-made User Experience & Enhance your site performance

Able to add over 10 times of mailing list.

The number of visitors who subscribe by providing the email in the popup is more than 10 times when comparing with normal webpage.

  • Create or promote attractive offers such as eBook, courses, webinars and coupons.
  • Welcome the visitors who visit the website first time with a special message.
  • The door to the membership page.
  • Attract the targeted visitors from AdWords, mobile devices, and others.

Increase sales

Promote discounts, coupons and products via pop-up banner. Increase perception up to 80%.

  • New product highlights
  • Display coupons for the target audience
  • Promote discounts with limited time

Send the message to the target audience

Sending the message to the target audience makes the audience participate more than double.

  • Target by location, operating system, device, and language and referent page.
  • Increase ROI in AdWords campaign.
  • Deliver to the overseas visitors
  • Welcome the visitors from partners’ websites
  • Welcome message for new customers
  • Offer special promotions for existing customers
  • Introduce products in the category that the customers are interested in

Change the visitors’ mind before they leave the website

Exit popup gives the final offer to those who are leaving the website.

  • Reduce the number of the visitors who leave the shopping cart page
  • Turn the visitors into the customers by offering discounts
  • Increase the number of subscribers by introducing the contest or giving prizes
  • Introduce the similar or related products

Create a loyal customer

Increase loyalty to the visitors and customers

  • Collect feedbacks from the users
  • Promote new videos
  • Publish upcoming events

Provide timely assistance

Because some websites are complicated, customers need to spend long time finding a contact. Therefore, displaying pop-up banner, call center, or other contacts helps the customers contact the staff directly, fast, and easily.

Keep visitors staying longer with Scroll Down feature

  • Display a message through the banner for the visitors who scroll down 50-70% of the webpage because they are interested in the content of that webpage.
  • Example 1: While reading product reviews, show the pop-up banner.
  • Example 2: Banner shows related articles to keep the visitors staying on the website, reduce exit rate, and increase time on site.

Attract by making interesting offers

Some pages are filled with huge amounts of information. The visitors might need to spend a lot of time finding what they want. Therefore, use pop-up banner to offer what they might be interested in based on their behavior or what they previously visited.

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